LifeSaver Emergency Survival Kit is a castaway's ticket back home.

Life at sea is full of adventure, challenges, experiences and immense satisfaction. However, the ocean does not forgive carelessness, unpreparedness and arrogance.


LifeSaver is a floating wave energy converter designed to supply electric power and clean drinking water to lifeboats, liferafts, sailing boats and yachts by harnessing renewable energy of ocean waves.

The device is similar in shape and size to a standard lifesaver.

LifeSaver is capable of utilizing waves as small as 1 ft (30 cm) and can be safely deployed during the anchored or moored stops, drifting or even low speed sailing.

LifeSaver wave energy converter is a reliable, inexpensive and efficient system, that can be easily deployed from a lifeboat, liferaft, sailing boat, yacht, or any other maritime vessel. The system contains no expensive or complex parts, lubricants, high precision hydraulics or air pumps, everything that makes other systems more expensive, vulnerable to destructive forces of nature and potentially hazardous.

LifeSaver system is wave direction neutral and operates across a variety of wave heights and periods.

The system can also be deployed, if so required, at the remote locations, including islands, off-grid shore communities, naval installations, as well as disaster affected areas.


LifeSaver devices are equipped with Emergency Survival Kit that includes GPS-enabled Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon and Portable Water Desalination Unit.

Portable Emergency Seawater Desalination Watermaker 150 GPD | 560 LPD is a reliable US-made seawater desalination system.

The super quiet watermaker features automatic operation and is easy to use with a Start and Stop control. 

All components are protected within the waterproof case.

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